was established by Marissa Pearson in 2003 after seeing an opening in the architectural market for high quality documentation service that would operate alongside designers and building owners, facilitating great built results.

Scribble is now a vibrant practice run by Marissa and fellow Director, Katie Smith in Milford, Auckland.

We currently have a cohesive team of 7.

Scribble provides documentation for Residential, Commercial, and Light Industrial architectural projects, and we are more than happy to look at providing any type of documentation requirements.
Scribble’s vision is to ensure that it provides clear, concise, comprehensive and co-ordinated documentation to assist the best possible project outcomes, and to ultimately provide the top result for our Clients.

We have created a discipline of being documentation orientated with a focus on achieving the project design aesthetic and goals.

In this role of specialising in the production of documentation, Scribble is the ideal vehicle to provide great results and assist in a projects success for both the client and project team members. We believe our specialist documentation service allows each party in a team to focus on their own individual speciality, whether it be architecture, design, engineering, management or building.

Scribble has worked with a number of designers, architects, interior designers, surveyors, planners and other consultants. This has enabled Scribble to develop a process of ensuring that all documentation meets our high standards as well as the needs of our clients and their consultants. Such standards are met though ensuring proper and timely delivery of documentation, open discussion and communication on the project issues and a willingness to assist and enable the project to move toward completion.

Scribble can carry out all communications with, and coordination of, consultants pertinent to the documentation process.

If you are not sure what sort of design your after, we can suggest persons or places to contact to start achieving your design.

On other aspects, such as Project Management, Contract Administration, Site observation and similar roles, we leave to others who are the experts in those areas.

Scribble’s staff are some of the best in the industry; well rounded, formally trained, with bucket loads of common sense, solutions focused, with extensive project experience and management.
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